Top Five Cosmetic Surgeries

Top Five Cosmetic Surgeries

Cosmetic surgery has slowly become an established part of modern society. You can get lunchtime Botox and many of us travel overseas just to secure cheaper prices for must-have surgeries.

So, with both men and women on board to create the best version of themselves, what is the most popular surgery? Here are the top five procedures that people are loving:


This is the dream procedure for many people – how often have you squeezed a problem area and wished it would disappear? Well, this is the surgery world’s answer.

You can get a tumescent liposuction where the area is numbed and then the fat is sucked it. Alternatively, you can get Ultrasonic-Assisted Liposuction that will melt the fat, which is then sucked out.

Either way, both result in a tighter more toned area – just like that.

Breast Augmentation

This is and always will be one of the most popular surgeries on offer. It is a multi-faceted role that is proved to significantly improve the mental well-being of those patients who undergo treatment.

It can be used to enlarge breasts, replace a breast lost to removal, or make both breasts even. With quick healing time and lasting results – patients are very satisfied with their decision.


A firm favorite for the older generations or patients who suffer from low vision due to excess skin. Removing the extra skin immediately creates a more youthful look and widens the eye.

Often, they will reduce wrinkles on the bottom eye or remove the fat that causes eye bags at the same time. Again, this takes around 14 days before you can go out as normal.


The tummy tuck – everyone has heard of it and everyone would like one – secretly or not. It removes excess skin and tightens the abdominal.

It is often performed on women after pregnancy or those who have lost significant amounts of weight. The ideal candidate doesn’t have too much tummy fat, but it can be combined with liposuction for a dramatic result.

Breast Reduction

This is an interesting surgery as it is applicable to both sexes. Women with large breasts can suffer from chronic back pain and shoulder issues so they will opt-in for a reduction mammoplasty.

It will immediately cure symptoms and is also a permanent solution to uneven breasts. However, men who suffer from man boobs often suffer from an excess gland in their chest or hormonal imbalance.

They can get gynecomastia, which will remove the excess tissue and leave them with the desired flat chest they’ve always dreamed about.